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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Costa Rica a stable, friendly country?

Costa Rica has been a democracy since before the Civil War in the U.S. It has no military. And violent crime is not a major problem here. Costa Rica is often described in tourist publications, magazine articles, and travel guides as having one of the friendliest cultures of any country on earth. A proud people who take personal hygiene to extraordinary levels, Ticos (an endearing term for Costa Ricans) do not like confrontation. Maybe that’s why tranquilo (relax and enjoy) is such a prevalent attitude. This is not to suggest that one should not be vigilant protecting their personal belongings. As is the case in many countries where tourism is a major industry, theft is a problem here. However, unlike the U.S., Costa Rica is not gun culture. And, with reasonable precautions taken, it’s safe to walk the streets and beaches of this beautiful country at virtually any time; day or night.

Is it easy to get to Costa Rica from the U.S.?

Yes. The country’s major airport, located on the outskirts of the capital, San Jose, has offered direct flights from many U.S. airports for years. While we have not independently verified the statistics, several publications state that there are more United States citizens living in Costa Rica than in any other foreign country. In 2002, Delta was the first major airlines to provide direct flights to Oduber International Airport near Liberia in Guanacaste Province, the airport closest to the country’s northwest beaches (known as The Gold Coast). Less than six years hence, many other major airlines offer direct flights to the Guanacaste from Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Chicago. There are also direct flights into Oduber from Toronto and Calgary in Canada, and from London.

Are the beach communities along Costa Rica’s northwest Pacific coast becoming over developed?

We would say no. Indeed, a number of pristine beaches in this area may not see a single visitor on a sunshine day during the busiest periods of the high season (November thru April). In early 2003, the Four Seasons opened for business after investing more than $100-million in its newest resort location – on the Papagayo Peninsula. It was an immediate success; its many hotel rooms and villas heavily booked then and since. Other Five-Star hoteliers could see that Costa Rica – the Gold Coast in particular – was rapidly becoming a major destination and have proceeded with major investments here. Smaller developers, meanwhile, have built – and continue to build – villas, condominiums, and all-inclusive hotels. Nevertheless, it is readily apparent as you fly into the ever-expanding Oberdur Airport that the amount of development along and near the northwestern beaches is actually quite modest when contrasted with the vast amounts of undeveloped land throughout the region. Final Note: Ask this question twenty or thirty years from now and the answer will likely be very different.

Is it difficult to buy in property in Costa Rica?

Not at all. Unlike Mexico, where property can be “purchased” by foreigners for up to 99 years (when, presumably, it reverts to previous ownership or to the government), land, homes, condos, and businesses in Costa Rica can be truly owned by citizens of other countries – virtually without restriction. That is to say, “clear title” to property in Costa Rica is essentially available to anyone with the means make the purchase.

Is the process of buying property cumbersome?

It can be. Here at Lomas del Mar, buyers of our mountain-view and ocean-view lots have given us high marks for making the process relatively quick and simple. When you contact us, we will review the process with you and explain how we help make your property purchase a rewarding experience. Our expertise in this regard holds true for those who buy condominiums within Serendipity Residences – located on the highest mountain within our unique ecological resort.

What is meant by “ecological” resort?

Unlike many other developments, over 85% of Lomas del Mar’s 600-acre community will remain as tropical dry forest – a precious and rare ecosystem. Mountain-view lots are large and the building pads well spaced. We have orchards, a wildlife pond, extensive hiking trails, and lots of areas devoted to exotic flora that our grounds crews tend on a regular basis. It’s one of many features that make us so unique. Our equestrian center, a state-of-the-art facility with rolling pastures and a full-size riding ring, is yet another. And, of course, it is here at Lomas del Mar where you’ll find the best views of Pacific sunsets, surrounding hills and mountains, volcanoes, and Costa Rica’s largest national park available anywhere in the country.

Is it too late for a property purchase in Costa Rica to be a wise long-term investment?

While it’s true that the earliest buyers have enjoyed substantial appreciation, we believe there’s plenty of upside going forward. To many observers, development of Costa Rica’s Gold Coast is still in its early stages. And while no one can predict the future, Costa Rica’s economy enjoys steady, diversified growth. To those of us who have witnessed the ever increasing popularity of this unique and exotic country, we’re all smiles for a reason: the best is yet to come!